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Figure Out How Much Cash You Will Have on Hand After Selling Your Home

Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

The following calculator makes it easy for homeowners to see how quickly they will pay off their house by making additional monthly payments on their loan. Simply enter the original loan term, how many years you have remaining on the loan, the original mortgage amount, the interest rate charged on the loan & the amount you would like to add as an extra payment to each monthly payment.

As you change any of the inputs the graph below the calculator will show the original & new interest payments along with the loan balance over time for the scheduled monthly payments versus the new payment schedule. At the top of the calculator it will tell you how many years and months the payment adjustment will save you. Just beneath that information & to the right is a calculation of total interest savings. If interest rates have dropped significantly since you purchased your home you may also want to consider refinancing to lock in lower rates today.

Click on [View Report] to view your loan summary along with side-by-side amortization tables for the original loan & the accelerated payments. While viewing the report, if you would like to print it out please click on the [Print] button.

When you are done adjusting your information you can use the button in the upper right corner of the calculator to save the results and email yourself (or a spouse) a link to the calculated result.

Current 30 Year Mortgage Rates Available Locally

The following table shows current 30-year mortgage rates in your local area. If rates are significantly below what you are paying on your current mortgage it may make sense to refinance into a lower interest rate and save.

Paying Off a Home Loan Fast.