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Free Online Financial Video Games for Kids

We offer dozens of fun, free and ad-free online video games for kids across the following categories:

  • Real Estate Games: buy and sell properties, make a thriving LEGO city, and clean up a mess or germs. You can also build stable structures, or use dynamite to blow up structures.
  • Money Games: counting money and making change. These games are a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication while also learning about money.
  • Cryptocurrency Games: An easy to understand introduction to financial speculation and bubbles. Our games feature Bitcoin and the modern day tulips - NFTs.
  • Farming Simulation Games: grow a virtual farm, or build a farming-based business.
  • Grocery Store Games: run a supermarket and keep items stocked.
  • Restaurant Simulation Games: run a coffee shop, a burger stand, or a pizzaria.
  • Business Simulation Games: build a mining business, run a jewelry shop, become a florist, or become a corporate overlord.
  • Software Development Games: STEM games teaching children about coding logic along with how software is made and tested, along with an idle clicker game focused on building successful startup businesses
  • Office Politics Games: whimsical ragdoll clicker game can be used to explain internal competition, conflict resolution & team building, and an endless runner
  • Environmental Games: recycling, green energy, and resource management
  • Other Fun Games: games we like but which did not neatly fit in any of the above categories including a couple food related games

Real Estate - Build, Protect, Clean, or Destroy

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect Game.

In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect players help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city.

  • Build the buildings needed to create a thriving metropolis.
  • Dig for hidden minipieces which can be used to build unique building types available in each zone.
  • Collect taxes from each building to fund further development & more digs.
  • Each building requires you to have enough LEGO stud savings to buy it along with the needied minipieces.
  • Unlock each of the six zones of the city by filling each zone with 25 buildings.
  • Each zone has its own unique LEGO pieces and building types with their own earning schedules.
  • Ensure each zone has at least one police office and fire department so you can protect the citizens.
  • Put out fires and stop burglaries to earn extra rewards.

Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble

Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble Game.

Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble is a simple physics puzzle video game which also encourages recycling.

General Game Structure

  • The first two levels act as tutorials.
  • Initially only the first level is unlocked, but as you progress through the game you can open multiple paths up inside each zone so if you are stuck on a particular level you can take the alternate path and then later come back to complete any levels you missed.
  • Play through 22 levels spread across 3 areas: Hero Elementary, Downtown, and Citytown Park.

Blue Levels

  • Use all the building pieces from the left side to build a stable treehouse.
  • Pieces which are laid into the puzzle may be laid as is or rotated an arbitrary degree.
  • Use the down arrow at the bottom of the screen to test the stability of your creation. You can use this after placing each individual piece or a number of pieces at once.
  • When all pieces have been laid click on the roof to drop it in place.

Red Levels

  • Remove unneeded extra pieces from an existing treehouse to recycle them.
  • Click on a piece to remove it, then click the down arrow at the bottom of the screen to recycle it.
  • The meter at the bottom left shows how many pieces need removed and is full when the correct number of pieces have been removed.
  • The treehouse should remain balanced with the roof remaining on throughout the entirety of the process.

Kingdoms Wars

Kingdoms Wars Game.

Kingdoms Wars is a virtual board game which was inspired by Monopoly.

  • You start with 500 in savings and earn 50 each time you pass go.
  • Roll the dice and land on a property. If the property is available for purchase you can buy it. If someone else already owns it you pay rent. The initial rents are fairly low until the plots have homes on them.
  • After you move your turn does not end until you click the button to end it. You can still purchase homes for your properties & purchase land from other owners.
  • When you own a set of 3 properties in a row you can build houses on them, which dramatically increases their rents.
  • If another player owns a land you can purchase it off of them, however the repurchase price is dramatically inflated over the original purchase price.
  • If your cash savings goes negative you have to sell off houses or properties to raise funds.
  • The goal of the game is to drive the 3 competing computer players into bankruptcy before they are able to bankrupt you.

The Amazing World of Gumball Tidy Up

The Amazing World of Gumball Tidy Up Game.

The Amazing World of Gumball Tidy Up is a house cleaning game for kids. Help Darwin clean the Watterson home and look out for Gumball who likes to ransack already cleaned rooms.

  • Click on a dirty part of a room multiple times until that part is cleaned.
  • Click on other dirty parts of the room until they are cleaned. When a room has been completely cleaned an indicator will state the room is cleaned.
  • Use the arrows to move around the house and clean other rooms.
  • Click on clocks to add more time.
  • If you have already cleaned every room in the house visit previously cleaned rooms to see which one Gumball wrecked again and clean it once more.

The Loud House Germ Skirmish

The Loud House Germ Squirmish Game.

The Loud House Germ Skirmish is a house disinfecting game where you help Lincoln Loud clean the house and prevent it from getting overly infected by a dangerous virus.

  • Move from room to room cleaning off germs using your aresol spray can of disinfectant.
  • Pick up more disinfectant to stay stocked.
  • Bug bombs kill all germs in a room.
  • Wearing a gas mask protects you from germs.
  • Keep your health up by cleaning a secton of the room before walking in that area.

Game Modes

The game has 3 play modes.

  • Squirm Off: Kill 1 trillion germs before the 10 minute timer runs out. Once a room gets too infected you can not reenter it.
  • Squirm & Protect: Do not let 3 rooms get infected. You have 11 rooms in total to protect including upstairs, downstairs, and the basement which is accessible through the kitchen.
  • Basement Blitz: Last as long as you possibly can in the basement. You play as long as you can until Lincoln Loud gets infected.

Merge Blocks

Merge Blocks Game.

Merge Blocks is a merging game where players merge smaller buildings into larger buildings.

  • The bottom of the screen shows the next building to play and then the 3 subsequent buildings.
  • Select the square you would like to place the building on.
  • Place 3 of the same building in a row, or 3 that are connected in an L shape and the buildings will merge into the next higher building level.
  • Merges end up merging into the location of the final cell in the run & merges can set off a chain reaction.
  • Whenever you reach multiples of 1,000 points you earn a hammer, which allows you to smash one of the buildings on the grid to create space to lay another building.

Real Estate Tycoon

Real Estate Tycoon Game.

In Real Estate Tycoon property prices rise and fall. Your goal is to profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high.

In general most buildings rise in value when they first appear in a fairly straight line, then cool off and slow down their appreciation before turning south. As you get further into the game buildings appear more quickly and som buildings cycle in price multiple times.

This game does not have all the gritty details of the real estate market like borrowing money at interest, property cap rates, broader economic cycles and shifts in credit conditions, supply and demand across sectors, and so on.

Instead it is an oversimplified game for kids, but helps children manage their attention and track trends.

As more expensive buildings appear it is generally better to focus on tightly managing the entries and exits on a few big buildings rather than managing a portfolio of smaller and cheaper buildings which are hard to track in the aggregate as your attention splits.

This game has 3 modes

  • Career Mode: Start with a small sum of money and reach a final goal amount on each level by repeatedly trading properties.
  • Time Trial Mode: Try to reach an earnings goal within a limited period of time.
  • Endless Mode: Buy and sell endlessly in an idle game with no time limit or earnings goal.

Material Merge 2048

Material Merge 2048 Game.

Material Merge 2048 is a variation of the classic game of 2048 where you merge tiles containing products to build a home. As you advance through the game the top portion of the screen changes to show the dwelling you have built thusfar.

  • Slide the tiles up, down, left or right.
  • When 2 adjacent tiles (in the direction you move) have the same value they will merge into a single tile of double the value.
  • Each time you slide the tiles another tile enters the playing field from the opposite side of the field.
  • Keep merging to reach as high of a number as you can.
  • When the space fills up and no available moves remain the game is over and you lose.
  • Can you make it all the way to 2048?

The Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville

Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville Game.

Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville is a protect the city game where you help ward off risks associated with natural disasters and monsters.

  • Help Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles save the city.
  • Use the arrows to locate dangers.
  • Tap on firey meteors and hold to destroy them.
  • Repeatedly click on icey commets to destroy them.
  • Collect pickles to score additional points.
  • Play through 5 different levels. As you advance through levels additional features are added to the game.
  • On the second level a gang of thugs appear which you can take a picture of & there is a visual display you should visit to click thumbs up or thumbs down for good or bad characters shown on the screen.
  • On the third level you answer math quiz questions and fight a large monster.
  • On the fourth level you fight Mojo Jojo's blimp.
  • On the fifth level you fight the large monster and Mojo Jojo's bomb dropping blimp.

Build With Buddies

Build With Buddies Game.

Build With Buddies is a virtual board game with dice, where you can play against 3 other human players.

  • You can play against 3 random strangers or set up a private table to play against 3 friends & share the invite code with them.
  • The goal of the game is to build 21 farms, timberlands, mines, and mountains.
  • Each player starts with 100 wood, gold, grains, and stone.
  • On each turn you get to build buildings and roll a dice.
  • If you roll a 1 you get 100 gain, roll a 2 get 100 wood, roll 3 get 100 gold, roll 4 get nothing, roll 5 get 100 stone, and roll 6 to steal an input of your choosing from another player.
  • The structures cost 25 of 2 different types of inputs, and produce 25 of a different type of input each round, as indicated in the table below.
  • On each round you can see how many of each type of structure you have, how many of each type of input you have, how many of each type of structure your opponents have, and what inputs they have in inventory.
  • The key is to play strategically. If you roll a 6 steal from whoever is the furthest out ahead, or who has the inputs you need most & use your limited resources to try to build a fairly even set of each building type, while spending the scarce resources you have catching up on whatever building type you need most & whatever produces the inputs you need most to complete your set of structures.
Building Type Wheat Cost Wood Cost Gold Cost Stone Cost Produces
Farm   25 25   25 wheat
Timberland     25 25 25 wood
Mine 25     25 25 gold
Mountains 25 25     25 stone

Alchemy Legend

Alchemy Legend Game.

Alchemy Legend is a card merging game where players merge the elements to create other things.

  • Select 2 cards to merge to create something else.
  • Merge identical entities or different entities.
  • Keep merging new combinations together until you have uncovered all the different merging options.
  • Play in new mode to see all the exposed cards at once in miniature, or play in classic mode to view a subset of fewer but larger cards at a time.
  • Clear duplicate or unneeded cards from the playing field in classic mode using the recycle bin in the lower right corner.
  • Some merges are genuine inputs to create something else, whreas others are building complex words by combining two simple words.
  • In some cases you merge backward to create something rather than forward (e.g. lava plus Earth creates a volcano).

Castle Blocks

Castle Block Game.

Castle Blocks is a castle building game where you set the scene, build the castle, and can save a picture of your creation.

  • Choose from 10 different scene backgrounds.
  • Use the 3 banners above the scene select to switch between scene, castle, and accessories.
  • Design a castle by dragging any quantity of 40 different castle pieces into the grid.
  • Within the castle design menu use the buttons to the left of the pieces to switch between castle, fence, 3 additional sets of building design styles, and 4 types of ground tiles.
  • Select the third flag at the top to switch the item menu to includ flowers, trees, ladders, fences, people, and monsters.
  • The right side of the game contains a menu with the following buttons: settings, complete, zoom in, undo move, redo move, exit.
  • When you select the complete button with the checkmark you can then save a copy of the image to your computer.

Hammer and Nails

Hammer and Nails Game.

Hammer and Nails is a quick clicker game where you pound nails into wood boards.

  • Tap on a nail whenever you see one appear.
  • Repeatedly tap on the nail until it is pushed fully into the wood. Nails typically take 3 hits each. When a nail is fully in place the nail head disappears.
  • As you play additional nails appear. Repeat the process until all nails have been hit into the wood. A meter in the upper center shows your level progress.
  • You have 30 seconds to hit all the nails into the wood, with your timer shown in the upper left. When you get up to level 13 and beyond levels may give you additional time to complete them, with the meter starting at 45 seconds & the timer shifting to 60 seconds at level 16.
  • When you get to level 15 and beyond some red skulls on green buttons appear. Avoid hitting them, as striking any of them leads to an instant loss. You may have to wait to strike a nail if they are adjacent or atop each other.
  • Play through all 30 stages. If you fail a level you can try again.

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire Game.

Mahjong Solitiare is a simple single-player tile matching game.

  • In the options menu (available from a button on the right) choose from 4 different board layouts including wall, heart, default (or classic / turtle), and pryamid.
  • You can also select alternate tile types in the options menu. We offer famous landmarks, types of buildings, contrustuction, rennovation, economy, and landscapes.
  • Match identical open (or free) tile pairs. A stone is considered free if there are no other stones on top of it and either the left or right side is free of other stones.
  • You can only select open stones. Open stones will turn blue when you select them. If a stone you select does not turn blue or doesn't pair off that means it is not open.
  • If you get stuck you can select the shuffle button at the right edge of the game to reshuffle the remaining stones.
  • The right rail of the game shows the game controls & indicators. At the top it shows how many open pairs you have remaining and how long you have played. Next there are 4 buttons to play a new game, shuffle the remaining stones, undo your most recent move, and adjust game settings via the options button.

Magnificent Tower

Magnificent Tower Game.

Magnificent Tower is a simple tower building game where players lay one floor at a time until they can no longer lay down any additional layers.

  • Click your mouse just before the top floor is centered over the building's foundation.
  • Each floor can be no wider than the floor beneath it & any part that overhangs is cut from the top story.
  • If you mistime the lay you can wait until the floor reaches the other edge and then returns in the other direction.
  • Keep timing your floor lays as close to perfect as you can to keep the building as wide as possible.
  • Lay additional floors on the top floor repeatedly until you run out of space and mistime a lay.
  • See how many floors you can build & challenge your friends to see who can build the tallest skyscraper.

Tower Boom

Tower Boom Game.

Tower Boom is a building frame deconstruction game.

  • Lay dynamite on concrete supports and floors in a building frame.
  • After using all your dynamite press the switch to detonate them in the same order you layed them.
  • Your goal is to make the rubble stack as short as possible.
  • If you fail to meet the level goal you can replay each stage again.
  • Play through 18 stages.
  • Try the new sequel Tower Boom Level Pack, which contains 45 additional level designs.

Construct a Bridge

Construct a Bridge Game.

Construct a Bridge is a 10-level structural integrety game where players have a limited amount of material to use to build a safe bridge.

  • Select a point at the edge of the bridge and drag inward to build the basic path for the vehicle to drive across.
  • Repeat the process from point to point until the path has been completed.
  • Draw additional lines to help support the bridge structurally.
  • On some levels there are islands in the middle to connect up to the bridge, whereas on other levels you can only use the bridge itself to build supports on.
  • When building diagonally make sure your lines are set to a distance which can connect.
  • Set the vehicle in motion to start the level.
  • Replay the level if the bridge falls apart or if you get a lower star rating than you would like.

Bomb The Bridge

Bomb the Bridge Game.

Bomb The Bridge is a structure destruction game where you strategically place dynamite to blow up bridges and cause maximum damage.

  • Select the play button in the center of the welcome screen to bring up the level select screen.
  • The game has 12 stages which are unlocked sequetially.
  • You can plant bombs anywhere on the bridge, though you are given a limited number of them, which are shown at the top of the screen.
  • After planting the bombs press the start button to put the enemy troops in motion.
  • Wait for enemy troops to cross onto the bridge and the blow up the bombs one at a time by selecting them.
  • Some bombs which are further away from the troops can be detonated immediately without alarming the troops, though bombs near the troops going off may cause the troops to speed up and/or change directions.
  • You can score up to 3 stars on each stage by blowing up nearly 100% of the bridge and eliminating all enemy troops.
  • You unlock the next stage with even a single star rating, but you can go back to previously beat levels at any time to replay them and try to earn a higher score on them.
  • If you fail a level you can replay it an unlimited number of times.
  • If you blow up dynamite early to where troops do not appear you can select the pause button in the upper right corner to bring up the pause menu and replay the level again.
  • The welcome screen has a full screen mode button in the upper right corner & a settings button under the play button for controlling game sound and music.

Bob And Chainsaw

Bob and Chainsaw Game.

Bob and Chainsaw is an endless lumberjack game where you chop down a tree until you either bump your head or run out of time.

  • Tap or use your mouse left click button on the left side of the screen to chop down a portion of the tree while standing on the left side.
  • Tap or use your mouse left click button on the right side of the screen to chop down a portion of the tree while standing on the right side.
  • Alternate your side of the tree to avoid having a branch hit your head.
  • Click or tap rapidly and repeatedly on long stretches of tree where there are no branches or all branches are on the other side of the tree.
  • Play slower when approaching a branch on your side, and on portions of the tree where you need to move back and forth switching sides.
  • Use the meter at the top center to see how much time you have remaining.
  • Each time you make a valid cut you restore a bit of time to the meter, however the timer depletes faster and you restore less time per cut as you move up the tree.
  • You start the game off as Bob. Unlock Carl by making 200 cuts in a single play or 2,000 total cuts. Unlock Tom by making 300 cuts in a single play, or 3,000 total cuts.

Idle Mole Empire

Idle Mole Empire Game.

Idle Mole Empire is an idle clicker game where you help moles develop a thriving industrious community.

  • Click on workers to start them working & hire managers to automate their workflow.
  • Level up each floor's workers to help them work faster and add more moles to each floor.
  • Dig deeper into the Earth & break rock to unlock new business lines.
  • Level up the managers of the floors, the elevator, and the molehill to boost your income.
  • After leveling up let the game play automatically in the background to passively earn cash, or actively play to earn faster.
  • Choose to sell your business to an investor and start again at the beginning again, with an earning bonus.

Red Outpost

Red Outpost Game.

Red Outpost is a Mars colinization game.

  • Choose to play a game using any of the 3 save slots.
  • Hire astranauts from Earth to colonize the red planet. They start off cheap, but grow progressively more expensive as you advance through the game.
  • Have the astronauts harvest food and mine valuable goods. You can send up to 10 astranauts to each area, though you have to purchase the ability to send each additional one & have to manually direct them to their destination until you purchase the artificial intellegence system.
  • Martian Farms are unlocked when you start the game. Martian Generator costs 50 to unlock, Martian Mines cost 1,000 to unlock, Marian Ruins cost 1,800 to unlock, Martian Lab costs 3,600 to unlock.
  • Upgrade your colony features to increase your production.
  • When you have 50 astranauts in your colony and 10 are assigned to each area the game is complete. The game tracks how long it took you to get to 100% complete.
Upgrade Cost Description
Farm Route 160 Build a better path leading to the farm.
Burger Tree 300 Improved food quality.
Solar Route 320 Build a better path leading to the solar generator.
Solar Extended 450 Improve solar energy collected.
Exploration Discount 600 Reduce building price by 25%.
Mine Route 830 Buld a better path leading to the mines.
Deep Mines 850 Mine deeper for better resources.
Ruins Route 1,400 Build a better path leading to the ruins..
Ruins Expert 1,500 Upgrade ruins leading quality.
Boot Camp 1,500 Speed up astranaut by 20%
Lab Route 2,400 Build a better path leading to the lab.
Mad Scientist 2,800 Upgrade lab resources quality.
Double Deal 2,900 Upgrade resource gain by 25%.
Cheap Cell Plan 3,200 Hire astranaut for 50% less.
Triple Deal 5,000 Upgrade resource gain by 50%.
Marsnet 150,000 Build an AI to auto manage your colony.

Money Games - Counting Money & Making Change

Cashier Simulator

Cashier Simulator Game.

Cashier Simulator is a game where players operate the cash register at a grocery store.

  • Ring up each individual item the customer buys.
  • As you advance through the game some items will be scanned & then purchased in a quantity greater than one.
  • When you are done ringing up all their items add the total bill.
  • Collect their payment.
  • If they pay via means other than a credit card you'll need to give them change from the cash register.
  • As you advance through the game you will unlock additional items consumers can buy in your store.
  • The game has 160 stages. You can earn up to 3 stars on each stage depending on how you perform.

Counting Money

Counting Money Game.

Counting Money is a money counting game featuring the U.S. Dollar and American coins.

  • Choose to count to 99 cents, 10 Dollars, or 100 Dollars.
  • Play in beginner mode to allow any combination of cash to sum to your target goal, or choose expert mode to see if you can create the target sum using the fewest number of bills and coins possible.
  • Read the correct amount and drag money across to the box.
  • If you make an error you can drag money out of the box.
  • When you have the correct amount hit the check button.
  • If you are new to counting money you can play with hints turned on.
  • Earn a toy for each correct answer you make.
  • Get 10 answers correct to beat the stage and unlock the next level.

Money Mosaic Puzzle

Money Mosaic Game.

Money Mosaic is a simple puzzle game featuring US currency notes.

  • Press the start button on the welcome screen.
  • Choose to play a $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 note.
  • You can also choose to play a note at random.
  • Select the grid size you want to play. You can choose between 8, 12, and 16 slices.
  • Games with more slices are harder, though all 3 levels are quite easy.
  • One at a time drag the currency pieces into position where they go in the bill.
  • When the last piece of currency is dragged into the correct position the level is beat.

Percent Puzzle

Percent Puzzle Game.

Percent Puzzle is a sales tax calculation game where players calculate how much sales tax is owed on a particular purchase.

  • Choose to play bills only, or a mixed game including bills and coins.
  • Read the question to determine how much an item cost and what the sales tax rate was on it.
  • Multiply the purchase price by the sales tax rate to calculate how much sales tax is owed on the purchase.
  • Select a combination of bills - or bills and coins - which sums to the total sales tax by selecting the green + near the currency units.
  • If you enter too much money you can subtract by selecting the red indicators. For example, if a purchase had a tax due amount of $19 you could select to add a $20 bill and then subtract a $1 bill.
  • When you have reached the correct sum press the check button in the lower right to check your answer.
  • Play through 10 questions and see how many answers you get correct.

Cash Back

Cash Back Game.

Cash Back is a game where players give customers the correct change using bills and coins.

  • Choose to watch the tutorial or jump straight into play.
  • Select the settings you wish to play including difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard), hints, and if you want to show the change amount.
  • Select the bills and coins needed to correctly sum to the customer's change amount.
  • Tap on the Give Change button.
  • Answer as many questions correctly as you can until you run out of time.
  • You can answer questions with various different money combinations so long as the final sum total precisely matches the change due.

Grocery Cashier

Grocery Cashier Game.

Grocery Cashier is a game where younger children can practice addition and subtrction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register.

  • Each customer represents another level of the game. As you play longer the number of items you ring up increases while the time limit for each customer decreases.
  • Enter the cost of each item as it comes down the conveyor belt, then tap the plus button.
  • To enter payments you must click on or press the buttons on the cashier rather than using a keyboard. If you make an error there is a clear button you can use to erase the prior input.
  • When entering amounts you do not need to enter anything after the decimal if the product price is a whole dollar figure & you do not have to enter pennies for products which are priced in dollars and dimes.
  • After entering in all of the items click on the total button.
  • If the customer pays via gift certificates you then enter the gift certificant amount and the minus sign. You do not make change for customers who play with gift certificates. Simply enter the amount, the negative sign, and then click the DONE button on the right.
  • If the customer pays with money you enter the amount they paid and then click on the pay button. You then click on the bills and coins which are associated with the amount they are owed and then click the done button when you are complete.

Treze Coins

Treze Coins Game.

Treze Coins is a simple money addition game where children add together coins to deposit into a gumball machine.

  • Choose which language you would like to play in based on country flags which are frequently associated with popular languages. Options include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French.
  • Select which coin denominations you would like to use. Your options are: either 1, 1 and 10, or 1 and 5 and 10.
  • Look at the amount shown at the top center of the screen and click on coins from the bottom area to insert coins which sum to that amount.
  • When you have added up the correct number of coins click on the gumball machine to insert the coins.
  • If you make a mistake you can click the X under the coin adding box.
  • If you need to make change there is a coin converter in the lower right corner.
  • Keep buying gumballs until you run out of money.

Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree Game.

Idle Money Tree is the very definition of an idle clicker game. It aims to answer the question "does money grow on trees?" in a way that will satisfy toy-wanting children the world over while perhaps annoying more than a few parents. ;)

  • Click money bags as they appear on your tree to collect them.
  • Click rapidly and repeatedly to activate a multiplier bonus which can double or triple your earnings.
  • Select floating bags of money which randomly appear on the screen to earn large extra sums.
  • Upgrade the sunshine, your watering can, fertilizer, fruits, and genetic research to further boost your earnings.
  • Select the buy 1x button to switch between buying a single upgrade at a time, 10, 100, or maxing out each purchase with whatever budget you have remaining.
  • You still earn money while away from keyboard, but at a lower rate & if you stop clicking for a while it resets your bonus multiplier.

Piggybank Adventure

Piggybank Adventure Game.

Piggybank Adventure is a star collecting physics puzzle game.

  • Cut the rope holding the coin in place to send the coin into motion.
  • Time your moves so that any rotating platforms are in the correct position for the coin to safely make it to the piggy bank without falling off platform.
  • Collect up to 3 stars on each stage by having the coin run into the stars.
  • You can go back to previously beat levels to replay them and try to earn a higher star rating on them.
  • Have the coin reach the piggy bank to complete the stage.
  • When the coin touches the snout or the tail of the pig it bounces back up and then goes into the slot on the back of the piggy bank. The coin may collect a star if it crosses through it at this point.
  • Play through all 24 stages.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank Game.

Piggy Bank is a coin dropping physics puzzle game.

  • Spin or move platforms as needed to align them so you can bounce, roll, or drop coins down into the piggy bank.
  • Tap in the tapping area near the top of the screen to drop a coin or a small set of coins.
  • Track where the coins goes.
  • Use the performance feedback to keep dropping coins in areas that work.
  • If coins keep missing use the performance data to re-align platforms and/or adjust where you are dropping coins from.
  • Repeatedly drop coins until you have filled the piggy bank with at least 50 of the 100 coins.
  • Play through all 100 stages.

Piggy Dash

Piggy Dash Game.

Piggy Dash is a sliding maze puzzle game.

  • Slide around the level and make your way to the exit portal.
  • Collect as many of the pellets on each stage as you can.
  • Avoid running into hazards like fixed spikes, retractable spikes, spinning flames, or firing cannons.
  • Use springs and warps to help you advance through the levels.
  • Earn up to a three star rating on each stage.
  • If you want to improve your ratings you can go back to previously beat levels to earn a better star rating on them.
  • Play through all 45 stages.

Supermarket Numbers

Supermarket Numbers Game.

Supermarket Numbers is an arithmetic practice game.

  • Read the numerical goal in the upper left corner of the game.
  • Early in the game most blocks are addition blocks. If a block does not have a symbol on it the default numerical operator is addition.
  • Select blocks trying to add up to the numerical goal shown.
  • As you advance through the game additional blocks are added with functions like subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • You must select at least one block with no operator on it before you can select a multiplication or division block.
  • As you select blocks the equation shown below the goal number changes to reflect your choices.
  • Fill the shopping cart meter to 100% to move on to the next stage & play through all 10 levels.

Cryptocurrency & Financial Speculation Games

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter Game.

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter is an 80-stage bubble shooting game themed after cryptocurrencies.

  • Read the level goals at the start of each stage.
  • Aim your bubble shots to create sets of 3 or more identical adjacent bubbles to remove them from the stack.
  • When you knock a set off the stack any other bubbles which are only connected via those bubbles will also fall away.
  • Use a limited number of bubbles to reach the level goal on each of the 80 stages to earn up to a 3-star rating on each stage.
  • As you advance through the game you earn power ups.
  • If you get stuck on a level you can activate the power ups to improve your aim guide, swap out the current bubble with the next bubble, or pick a bubble from the stack to remove it.
  • Beat all 80 levels to save the cryptocurrency from industry villains like SBF.

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine Game.

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine is an idle clicker game where players collect Bitcoin and use them to upgrade their Bitcoin mining.

  • Tap anywhere on the screen to mine Bitcoin.
  • Use your Bitcoin earnings to improve your hardware, hashing algorithms, electricity costs, and mining pools.
  • Each time you upgrade any aspect of your mining operation you increase your Bitcoin production rate.
  • Collect random gifts, achieve daily goals & spin the wheel for a chance to win.
  • This game can be used as an introduction to fiat currency, to explain how Cryptocurrencies work, discuss the nature of money, the growing power of computing over our economic systems, and how currencies fluctuate in value.
  • This game can also be used to introduce the original Bitcoin whitepaper, mention the 2008-2009 Great Recession that inspired the creation of Bitcoin, and the nature of financial crisis throughout human history.

Lit Ape NFT Generator

Lit Ape NFT Generator Game.

Lit Ape NFT Generator is an idle clicker game which is the more speculative cousin of the above Bitcoin game.

  • Tap on the static NFT pictures to mint NFTs.
  • Select any large moving NFT picture to earn a big bonus.
  • Use your NFT earnings to upgrade your website, artist, forum, social media marketing, and video ads using the buttons at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Use the button in the lower right of the large picture to cycle between buying a single upgrade at a time, 10, 100, or whatever maximum you can afford with your current savings.
  • Regularly click on NFTs to charge up the multiple meter at the top center of the screen to earn double or triple your normal earnings.
  • Purchase the upgrades on the left side of the screen to double or quadruple your earnings from various aspects of your NFT business.
  • This game can be used to discuss the roll of the state and central banks in money, speculative excesses in markets, historical financial bubbles going back to the Dutch tulip craze, the markers of bubbles, and how perception of value and price movement trends impact speculative demand in financial markets.

Bitcoin Merge

Bitcoin Merge Game.

Bitcoin Merge is a cryptocurrency themed merging game inspired by the watermelon-themed Suika Game.

  • Tap or left click to drop the cryptocurrency shown above to drop it into the playing field below. You can move the coin laterally before dropping it.
  • When coins of the same value touch they both disappear & then turn into a larger coin of a higher value.
  • Each time you merge coins you score points.
  • Keep merging until you create a Bitcoin, then merge more to boost your score further.
  • Any created Bitcoin are removed from the screen to clear out space.
  • This game cointains a dozen cryptocurrencies or tokens, in the following order: Tether, USDT, XRP, Solana, Monero, Dogecoin, Tron, BNB, Cardando, Litecoin, Etherium, & Bitcoin. The coins are not in specific market cap order (as those fluctuate widely) though the two most well knonw & most valuable cryptocurrencies are last.
  • Eventually a horizontal line appears near the top of the screen. When you get coins stuck above the line or can not lay new ones below it then it is game over.

Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire Game.

Bitcoin Millionaire is an idle clicker game themed after cryptocurrency.

  • Tap or left click on the large Bitcoin in the upper center of the screen to actively earn income.
  • When a Bitcoin falls down the screen tap on it to earn $100.
  • Use your Bitcoin earning to unlock and upgrade clicker, crypto exchange, minning computers, network influencers, and metamask wallet addresses.
  • As you upgrade the above features your passive and active income levels increase.
  • Click quickly to activate the active earnings multiplier and earn 2x, 3x, or more for each click (as shown in the status bar on the right side).
  • Take a break and let your savings passively accumulate.
  • Upgrade all 5 attributes 100 times to beat the game to 100%.
  • The top of the game shows your savings, game progress, and bits earned per second.


Stocks Game.

Stocks is an idle clicker game with a stock performance price graph where the goal of the game is to day trade or speculate on a stock to capture price increases.

Players start with $500 and play across 30 days, with a goal of liquidating their shares and earning as much profit as they can in a month.

  • The current savings and day number are shown in upper left corner.
  • Share price is shown in the upper right corner.
  • The price graph shows stock price tends within the day.
  • The current owned shares along with the buy and sell buttons are below the price graph.

This game does a good job of showing how there is a lot of random noise in short-term market movements, but does not teach any sort of fundamental or technical analysis.

Most people who do well in the stock market do not day trade but rather dollar cost average into index funds or hold positions for an extended period of time.

Players can only trade one share at a time, so if they own many shares it makes sense to start winding down holdings with a couple days left so they are not forced to exit positions at bad prices on the final days.

Farming Simulation Games

Farm Town

Farm Town Game.

Farm Town is a clicker farming & food processing simulation game with 40 stages.

  • Plant seeds, harvest crops, and raise animals.
  • Sell your production to the town market.
  • Use your funds to buy more seeds, purchase commercial culinary equipment, and research new food production techniques.
  • Take your raw commodities and run them through your kitchen to turn them into intermediate and finished goods.
  • Each level has a unique goal which can range from cash earned to creating some quantity of certain food items. Reach the level goal on each stage to unlock the next.
  • Increase your truck and refridgerator size to increase your throughput.

Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business Game.

Idle Farming Business is a farmer game where you plant and harvest different crops.

  • Harvest potatoes in the first plot.
  • Use your profits from potatoes to plant and harvest 8 other kinds of vegetables: carrots, wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, turnips, onions, and corn.
  • Scroll over each plot periodically to collect its earnings so you can keep reinvesting in improving your farm.
  • For each type of vegetable buy upgrades to lower your production time, stack earnings, and increase profits.
  • Dig each area to improve the soil so you can plant more vegetables, which increaes your yield. When you plant 25, 50, or 100 in a plot the production time cuts in half.
  • Select the rain cloud to double your harvest rate & select the sun to have it shine for quicker production.

Farm Factory

Farm Factory Game.

Farm Factory is an idle clicker farming game where you add livestock to a farm and upgrade the farm to earn as much as you can in 5 minutes.

  • Spend your initial savings adding more chickens to the farm.
  • Click on the chickens to increase their production speed.
  • When a truck comes click on it to increase its loading speed.
  • Add cows and sheep to your farm, and click on them just like chickens. As chickens disappear from your farm you can add more.
  • Upgrade the farm's capacity by upgrading the farm's shipping center.
  • Time your upgrade cycle so you do not upgrade late in the game and have as much cash savings as possible when the 5 minute timer reaches zero.

Tractor Mania

Tractor Mania Game.

Tractor Mania is a 180-stage tractor driving game where you pick up produce and deliver it to its destination.

  • Wait until the produce is fully loaded before starting your trip.
  • Drive across the stage while controlling your tractor speed and angle to minimize how much produce is lost along your journey.
  • Slow down before going over bridges & be cautious with your speed any time there is a major change in the road grade.
  • Use the income earned from each stage to upgrade your tractor attributes, or to unlock better tractors and trailers.
  • You can upgrade the engine, gearbox, tires, boost, and fuel on each tractor.
  • There are 3 different trailers for sale & tree higher-quality tractors you can buy.
  • When you beat a level you can't go back and replay it, so make sure you drive with caution.

Grocery Store Games

In the above money games section we have some cash register practice games where players make change. We also offer a number of other grocery store games in our collection.

Idle Hypermarket Empire

Idle Hypermarket Empire Game.

Idle Hypermarket Empire is a grocery store simulation game where you manage a vertically oriented hypermarket.

  • Select workers to get them to stock the store.
  • Hire managers to automate your workflow.
  • Train and upgrade the regular workers to add more staff and make them more productive, then train managers to further boost productivity.
  • Use the cash earned from your operations to unlock additional floors.
  • Upgrade your elevator and cash counter office to grow your throughput capacity as you unlock additional floors and increase your earnings.
  • The hypermarket has 9 floors: fruit and vegetables, meats, groceries, food court, furniture, electronics, apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics.
  • After growing your business for a period of time you have the opportunity to sell it to an investor through an IPO process & then start the game again with higher earnings on your subsequent business.

Tap Supermarket

Tap Supermarket Game.

Tap Supermarket is a grocery store simulation game where you manage stocking a grocery store, check out customers, and use profits to expand your product line.

  • When displays are empty click on the green circle on them to restock them.
  • When the shipping pallets in the stock room to the upper left are empty click on the green circles to restock them.
  • Check out customers who are standing in the checkout line by clicking on the checkout line. If there are multiple customers standing in line you need to repeatedly click on the checkout to ring up all the customers.
  • Use your in game earnings to purchase new display racks to expand your store inventory.
  • You can also use your experience to purchase unlocks on a second chekcout lane and a third grocery stocker.

The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem

The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem Game.

The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem is a grocery store simulation game where you operate the grocery store like early stores. Rather than customers grabbing their own groceries you pick them out for them.

  • Click on customers to see what they would like to purchase.
  • Have Ronnie Anne ask customers what they would like & collect their items.
  • Have Bobby clean and stock shelves.
  • Serve customers quickly to keep them happy and prevent them from leaving.
  • Manage customer demands and stocking while keeping up with increasingly demanding and quick tempered customers.
  • Reach the daily earnings goal to advance to the next day.

Restaurant Simulation Games

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Game.

Coffee Shop is a one-month simulation game where players adjust game settings to earn as much as they can from running a coffee shop.

Players of this game manage their inventory, budget their cashflow, set pricing, adjust their coffee formula, and plan to maximize day to day earnings in part by adjusting their business based on the weather. In this game the demand for coffee goes up in cold weather and the demand for coffee goes down in warm weather.

This game teaches children many important aspects of running a business, including:

  • Inventory: You can buy ingredients in bulk to save, but some ingredients also spoil. In this game you have to manage your coffee, milk, sugar and cup levels.
  • Strategy: You get to set your coffee formula to manage your ingredient usage and blended cost per cup.
  • Pricing: You can maximize your profits by adjusting pricing up or down to either boost sales volume or sell ingredients which may spoil at below cost in order to sell them before they spoil.
  • Predicting Demand: Weather is a great indicator for shifts in consumer demand in this game. The shifts in consumer demand apply both to total demand volume and propensity to pay premium prices.
  • Reading Consumer Feedback: Many consumers in this game offer price bubbles which indicate if they are happy and what they feel is wrong if they are not.

The one aspect of this game which is not ideal is it does not teach the importance of consistency in building a sustained consumer following for a business, but the above features require significant day to day variation in order ot make the game fun and interactive.

Pizza Baker

Pizza Baker Game.

Pizza Baker is a pizza making game where you hand craft custom pizzas.

  • Look at the order bubble in the upper left to see what kind of pizza each customer wants.
  • Select the correct crust type.
  • Pour the right kind of sause on the pizza.
  • Select each additional type of toping you need to add to complete the pizza.
  • When the pizza is completed select the polar bear baker to have them bake the pizza.
  • If you make a mistake you can drag the pizza to the trash icon at the bottom & make another pizza.
  • Each pizza you correctly complete earns income.
  • Pizzas must be completed correctly and cooked before the timer reaches zero or you lose a life. Lose 3 lives and it is game over.

Pizza Cafe

Pizza Cafe Game.

Pizza Cafe is a restaurant simulation game where you must quickly serve each diner the exact pizza they requested.

  • Look at the thought bubble above each customer to see what type of pizza they want.
  • Lay down the crust, sauce, cheese, and any ohter ingredients needed to complete the pizza.
  • Once all ingredients have been placed select the pizza again to cook it and send it on the conveyor belt.
  • Serve customers before their patience runs out. The pizza starts at the left end of the conveyor belt and moves right. The first customer who matches it exactly will take it, if you want to bypass a customer on the left to serve one further right you can grab the plate the pizza is on and drag it right toward the correct customer.
  • If your ingredients run out you can select the phone to order more.
  • If you are unsure what ingredients are on a pizza, all have dough + tomato sauce + cheese & you can select the menu above the phone to see what other ingredients are needed.
  • Across the top of the screen the game shows level number, cash, level timer, pause & sound control buttons, happy customers served, and customers who left angry.

Burger Shop

Burger Shop Game.

Burger Shop is a timed 10-stage burger restaurant simulation game where players must serve the customer's order precisely.

  • Look at the customer's thought bubble to see what they want.
  • Start each customer order by grabbing a tray.
  • Build their burger from the bottom up. The meat comes pre-cooked. Grab a bun, and then construct the burger from the bottom ingredient to the top ingredient.
  • Select the tray to serve the customer.
  • As you advance through the game you unlock additional toppings (including cucumber, lettuce, and tomato), sausages, sides (fries & donuts), and drinks.
  • Collect the customer's payment near the cashier to complete their order.
  • Select the coins near out of stock inventory to buy more goods.
  • Reach the daily production goal to move on to the next level.

Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Shop Game.

Chocolate Shop is a timed 10-stage confectionary store simulation game where players show customers the order options and deliver them promptly so the customer leaves satisfied.

  • Bring a menu to each customer. Once they have decided what they want a thought bubble will show their order, along with how much patience they have to wait for you to deliver it.
  • Go to the appropriate machine to make the type of chocolate or other food they wish to purchase.
  • Bring them their order.
  • Periodically you will slow down. As that happens a thought bubble shows you could speed up by having a coffee.
  • Collect the customer's payment to complete the transaction.
  • Reach your daily transaction goal before the timer runs out to beat the stage.
  • Customers also phone in orders, though the phone doesn't show the patience indicator which other customers display.
  • As you advance through the game your range of products increases & you have to wrap some of the chocolates in gift packaging.
  • For machines that only create one product you can leave a product pre-made so it is ready. For machines which can make 2 products at the same time you can premake one option so it is ready. You can carry 2 items at a time.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever Game.

Cooking Fever is a 50-stage burger lunch cart sim game where players serve cheeseburgers, fries, and drinks to hungry customers.

  • Serve customers what they request in their thought bubbles.
  • Serve customers quickly to manage many orders in a limited amount of time.
  • You can prepare hamburgers, buns, and fries in advance so that when a customer orders you already have it ready.
  • Each stage has a goal at the start, like earning a certain amount of income, serving a certain number of customers, or earning so much in tips.
  • Achieve the daily goal, or replay the level until you beat it.
  • You can replay previously beat levels & the income you earn can be used to purchase better ingredients, unlock more ranges, add more serving plates, and serve customers quicker.

Cooking Street

Cooking Street Game.

Cooking Street is a 150-stage steak restaurant simulation game where you serve customers steaks, sides, and drinks. Levels are unlocked sequentially, but you can replay any completed level at any time.

  • Serve customers what they request in their thought bubbles.
  • Serve customers quickly to manage many orders in a limited amount of time.
  • As you progress through the game the income you earn can be used to unlock more ranges, more plates, more cups, and better ingredient cuts so that you can process orders more quickly & earn more for each customer served.
  • After upgrading your ingredients and equipment you can go back and replay prior levels to try to earn up to a 3-star rating on each stage.
  • To keep up with customer demand try to have at least one cooked steak and one juice cup ready at all times. As you unlock upgrades and have more placement positions to serve from you can have multiple of each ready and waiting.
  • Win or lose you can replay levels as many times as you like, and you still earn income and experience from a level even if you do not earn enough income to obtain a star rating.

Hotdog Cart

Hotdog Cart Game.

Hotdog Cart is an 80-stage food serving time management game.

  • Look at the thought bubble above the head of each customer to find out what food and drinks they want, along with how much time you have remaining to serve their order.
  • Complete their main, sides, and drink to leave them satisfied before their patience timer runs out.
  • Cook the burger on the grill and pull it off after it is cooked, but before it is burned.
  • When assembling a burger you must set the bun down first, but can grab the other parts in any order. Condiments can be tough to place on burgers, so try to do it early.
  • In between customers you can prepare some basic burgers in advance by placing the buns and cooked burgers on plates.
  • As you advance through the game you unlock additional foods. Some ingredients like onions can be used both as onions on a burger and to create onion rings by throwing them in the deep frier.
  • You can have many customers leave angry without their orders completed and still advance through the game. If you fall behind on serving customers consider pre-making some of the foods (e.g. basic burger on bun, onion rings, coffee) and then plan to serve the customers who arrived most recently.
  • The game gets harder multiple different ways. Not only are there more ingredients to choose from, but it can be hard to see all of them in the thought bubble of the customer when they have a complex order.

Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Bar Game.

Ice Cream Bar is an ice cream store simulation game where you must swiftly serve customers the ice cream they want in the correct order.

  • Look at the thought bubble above customers to see what they ordered and how much time you have left to serve them.
  • Select a cup or cone, then build their ice cream treat in the exact order they requested from the bottom ingredient upward.
  • Tap on the finished product to serve it.
  • If you make a mistake you can tap on the trash can in the lower left of the game.
  • Unlike our other similar sim games you do not need to collect customer payments in this game.
  • If you run out of an ingredient click on the coins where it was to restock the item.
  • Reach the level goal for customers served before the timer runs out & play through all 20 stages.

Open Restaurant

Open Restaurant Game.

In Open Restaurant you try to reach a daily earnings goal for the restaurant. You play as the head waiter (or Maître d'hôtel) and must Invite guests to be seated, take their orders, serve their food, give them their bill & clear off the table for the next guests.

This game has a beautiful isometric design.

  • Each day of the game lasts 1 minute.
  • Your earnings from prior days carry over to the next.
  • After you get about a week in the difficulty of the game ramps up significantly.
  • It is important to balance all aspects of serving customers to keep cashflow going.

Be sure not to seat a group of 1 or 2 at a table for 4 or you won't be able to seat other guests at that table. Guests must be seated in the order they waited in line, so if you have no open tables for 4 and a group of 4 at the head of the line you won't be able to seat any guests until one of the large tables is cleared off.

Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe Game.

Penguin Cafe is restaurant simulation game where you play as a waitress penguin serving all of the artic.

  • Quickly seat customers and take their orders.
  • Deliver their food, collect payment, and clean the table.
  • Each day your igloo moves to a new location and you have a new earnings goal.
  • This game has a total of 25 challenging levels to play through.
  • Use your in-game epxerience to buy igloo kitchen upgrades.
  • Your kitchen upgrades help you increase customer satisfaction and earn more.
  • Upgrades including faster skates, a high-powered blender, fancy tablecloths, curtains, a speaker system, and a premium toilet for the bathroom.
  • Items range in cost from 499 to 4,999 for a total cumulative cost of 12,496.

Pizza Chief

Pizza Chief Game.

Pizza Chief is a spatial placement game where you must lay ingredients on a pizza in close proximity to where they are located in the example.

  • Look at the example throught bubble at the top of the screen to see where ingredients are located.
  • Grab each of the ingredients from the bottom rail and drag them into position roughly where you think they belong.
  • Play quickly as each stage is timed and you have to complete a number of pizzas each day to beat the stage.
  • You score points based on how closely your ingredient placements match the example and how much time you have remaining when you beat a stage.
  • Play through all 10 levels and see if you can beat the high score.

Pizza Shop

Pizza Shop Game.

Pizza Shop is a 14-day simulation game where you serve customers pizza by the slice. See which shape of a slice they want and what toppings they desire and then deliver it to them before they lose their patience.

Regular Game

  • Give each customer who arrives a menu.
  • Look at their thought bubble to see which pizza slice shape and toppings they would like.
  • Create their slice shape, then add toppings, then carry the finished slice to the customer.
  • Collect their payment to complete the order.
  • Both aspects of this game (making the dough slice & adding toppings) take a bit of time, so it can require a bit of effort to keep up. Sometimes you have to skip customers. You can carry a slice in each hand.
  • Meet the daily production goal and play through 14 stages.

Match 3 in a Row Minigame

  • At the end of each stage there is a match 3 in a row game where you must remove at least 80 of a particular ingredient from the level. Remove ingredients by making them a part of a match of 3 or more, by having a nearby explosion take them out, or by selecting to remove them with a wildcard.
  • Valid moves require you to make a match of at least 3 in a row as a consequence of that move. You can move pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Create super ingredient by making matches of 4 in a row. When the super ingredients are subsequently used they will blow up the containing row or column.
  • Make a match of 5 in a row to create a wildcard which allows you to discard all of a particular adjacent type of ingredient no matter where they are located on the stage.


Pizzeria Game.

Pizzeria is a pizza making simulation game.

  • Look at the thought bubble above each customer to see what kind of pizza they want and how much time you have to prepare their pie.
  • Place the correct quantity of the correct ingredients on the pizza, put the pizza in the oven, then pull the pizza out. After you unlock mushrooms be careful when looking at the pepperoni in thought bubbles as some of them have mushroom pieces on top of the pepperoni.
  • Serve the customers any drinks they would like.
  • When giving the pizza to the customer you click on the pizza for dine in orders & you have to first tap on the box, then tap on the box again if they make a to go order.
  • Some pizza ingredients like pepperoni, tomato, shrimp and sausage are applied before the pizza cooks. The condiment bottles are applied to the pizza after cooking.
  • If you are unable to give a pizza to a customer be sure to check if it needs a box or not & if you do not know what to do with a particular pizza or how it was wrong you can select the recycle can to discard it and start working on the next pizza.
  • As you progress through the 20 stages of the game you unlock more ingredients and order options. If you fail a level you can try it again.

Open Bar

Open Bar Game.

Open Bar is a time management game where players guide a bartender to serve customers.

  • Select a customer to serve them.
  • If the customer wants a beer time the pour to fill the glass or mug to the fill line without going over.
  • If the customer wants a mixed drink shake the drink mixer, then pour to the fill line.
  • When the drinks are nearly full stop pouring.
  • Avoid overpouring drinks or filling too low to maximize your earnings from each drink.
  • When the customer is served they automatically pay you based on the accuracy of your pour.
  • After customers leave select the area in front of the barstool where they were sitting to wipe it down with a rag.
  • See how much you can earn in 3:50.

Run Brewery

Run Brewery Game.

Run Brewery is a distillation plant simulation game.

  • Hold the screen to move or press the progress button to move.
  • Pull levers to activate them.
  • Hold the power button to charge meters.
  • Use meter adjustment buttons to raise or lower meter levels into the green zone.
  • Activate all processes on the line to activate final product packaging.
  • Keep all processes active to produce combo liters kegs.
  • Make as many liters as you can in 3 minutes.

Ultra Pixel Burgeria

Ultra Pixel Burgeria Game.

Ultra Pixel Burgeria is restaurant simulation game where you serve diners burger-based meals.

  • Chose a customer's order to work on from the order board.
  • Mix wheat and eggs to create a burger bun, then cook it on the range.
  • Grab a cut of steak off the conveyor belt and cut it into ground beef.
  • Place the patty maker metal on the ground beef to form it into a burger patty and cut it.
  • Place the burger and bun on the tray, and scroll right to the soda machine to pour a soda.
  • When the customer's order you selected is complete ding the bell.
  • Beat the daily goal to move onto the next stage.

Non-food Businesses Simulation Games

Idle Megamall Empire

Idle Megamall Empire Game.

Idle Megamall Empire is an idle clicker game where players build a tall megamall consisting of many floors.

  • Build a supermarket on your first floor.
  • Select the worker in each floor to start them working. After they check goods out select the elevator worker, and the sales office employee to collect funds.
  • Upgrade your workers on each floor, your elevator operator, and your salesfloor manager to increase your income.
  • Whenever any floor is upgraded to stage 25 you get a second worker which doubles your production.
  • You gain more workers as you increase to higher levels at 50, 100, and 200.
  • Hire managers to oversee workers and automate your production.
  • Purchase additional floor unlocks to increase your income further.
  • Upgrade managers and have them lean into workers to increase the worker speed.
  • Keep reinvesting your earnings to upgrade your earning potential and expand your operation.
  • Sell the megamall to an investor group and play again with an earnings bonus.

Idle Hotel Empire

Idle Hotel Empire Game.

Idle Hotel Empire is an idle clicker game where players build a thriving hotel business.

  • Build the first floor of the hotel, featuring standard rooms.
  • Select the worker on each floor to begin working, then select the elevator operator to bring the elevator up, then the reception worker to collect the income.
  • Upgrade your elevator, workers on each floor, and reception office workiers to improve your hotel income.
  • Whenever any floor is upgraded to stage 25 you get a second worker which doubles your production.
  • You gain more workers as you increase to higher levels like 50, 100, 200, and 500.
  • Hire managers to oversee workers and automate your business.
  • Purchase additional floors to earn more. Above the Standard Room floor are the following floors: Cafe Bistro, Deluxe Room, Meeting Room, VIP Room, Infinity Pool, Gym & Fitness Room, and Presidential Room
  • Upgrade managers and have them lean into workers to increase the worker speed.
  • Keep reinvesting your earnings to upgrade your earning potential and expand your operation until investors express interest in your business.
  • When you would like to sell the business to investors you can sell, and start building again with an earnings bonus on the new version of your next hotel.

Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire Game.

Idle Mining Empire is an idle clicker game where players build mining shafts and create a mining business.

  • Build your first mining shaft.
  • Select the miner to activate mining, then select the mineshaft operator to bring the mineshaft operator down, then select the ground worker to collect the minerals for processing and warehouse storage.
  • Upgrade your mine, mineshaft, and warehouse to improve your processing and throughput capacity.
  • Whenever any shaft is upgraded to stage 25 you get a second worker which doubles your production.
  • You gain more workers as you increase to higher levels like 50 and 100.
  • Hire managers to oversee workers and automate your production.
  • Purchase additional shafts to reach more valuable minerals.
  • Upgrade managers and have them lean into workers to increase the worker speed.
  • Keep reinvesting your earnings to upgrade your earning potential and expand your operation.

Idle Pet Business

Idle Pet Business Game.

Idle Pet Business is a tycoon styled game where you operate a pet store.

  • Select the pet hamster to earn income from selling hamsters.
  • Use your profits from hamsters to unlock other pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots.
  • Scroll over each pet periodically while left clicking to collect its earnings so you can keep reinvesting in improving your store.
  • For each type of pet buy upgrades to lower your production time, stack earnings, and increase profits.
  • You get pet-specific upgrades unlocked at 25, 50, 100, and 200.
  • Share pictures of your pets on social media to market the store and earn income faster.

Corporate Overlord

Corporate Overlord Game.

Corporate Overlord is an idle clicker game where you build a tower into the sky.

  • Select the button at the bottom center of the game to rotate through the different floor types. Lay new floors on your tower to enable additional product type creation.
  • You can create 10 different floor types: cafeteria, chemical lab, computer lab, marketing, psych lab, quantum lab, research lab, security, test lab, and workshop.
  • Select the checklist button in the lower right to see how many of each type of floors you have built.
  • Select the button in the lower left corner to research products and upgrade them. Upgrades are temporary and are best to use when an item's sales are hot.
  • You can build dino plushie, choco vanilla popsicle, glowing shoes, mind enhancer, hair grower, ransomware, hover toycar, candy satellite, mystery box, cyber fire detector, the tickler, corporate glasses, hover carpet, glowing cactus, insta-freezer, nano roaches, cyber multitool, golden cutlery, universal solver, nuclear powered generator, spy drone, cheesy cereal, corpo droid, multi-dimensional tophat, nose enhancer, cyber grill, division zero, profanity filter for phones, pill of truth, invisible spycam, cyber knitting machine, xray glasses, and zombie servant.
  • Building certain products requires you to have at least a minimum threshold of different floor types as prerequisites.
  • Keep upgrading and expanding your product inventory to manage positive cashflow, as each floor you build has maintenance cost. Under the production tab there is a secondary sub-tab for sales which shows your earnings, construction spend, ivestment made, maintenance spend, research spend, net profits, gross income per cycle, maintenance cost per cycle, and net income per cycle.
  • Scroll over cash sitting in your building to pick it up & address any security concerns that arise by selecting the floor with issues.
  • Be careful with upgrading to the most expensive to maintain floor types early in the game, as the maintnance cost can leave you in a negative cashflow position.

Corporate Overlord Tower Floors

Floor Cost Upkeep Cost Prerequisites
Cafeteria 100 0 None
Chemical Lab 200 1 1 Cafeteria
Computer Lab 300 2 2 Cafeterias
Marketing 400 2 3 Cafeterias
Psych Lab 500 3 2 Chemical Labs
Quantum Lab 600 5 2 Psych Labs, 2 Marketing, 2 Computer Labs
Research Lab 700 10 1 Psych Lab, 2 Quantum Labs, 1 Chemical Lab
Security 800 15 4 Computer Labs, 3 Marketing
Test Lab 900 18 5 Research Labs
Workshop 1,000 20 5 Cafeterias, 5 Marketing, 1 Computer Lab

Corporate Overlord Widgets

Widget Research Cost Income Invest Prerequisites
Dino Plushie 100 3 100 None
Choco Vanilla Popsicle 150 6 150 None
Glowing Shoes 200 10 200 1 Chemical Lab
Mind Enhancer 250 15 250 2 Psych Labs
Hair Grower 300 17 300 3 Chemical Labs
Ransomware 350 20 350 3 Computer Labs, 3 Security
Hover Toycar 350 25 350 1 Computer Lab, 1 Quantum Lab
Candy Satellite 400 30 400 4 Cafeterias, 4 Computer Labs
Mystery Box 500 35 500 5 Research Labs
Cyber Fire Detector 600 40 600 3 Computer Labs, 4 Quantum Labs
The Tickler 700 43 700 2 Test Labs, 1 Workshop
Corporate Glasses 800 50 800 5 Computer Labs, 2 Workshops
Hover Carpet 900 55 900 3 Quantum Labs, 2 Workshops
Glowing Cactus 1,000 60 1,000 4 Quantum Labs, 2 Test Labs
Insta-Freezer 1,200 70 1,200 5 Quantum Labs, 2 Test Labs
Nano Roaches 1,500 80 1,500 7 Research Labs, 2 Test Labs
Cyber Multitool 2,000 90 2,000 7 Marketing, 4 Workshops
Golden Cutlery 2,500 100 2,500 15 Marketing
Unversal Solver 3,500 105 3,500 18 Computer Labs, 1 Quantum Lab
Nuclear-Powered Generator 5,000 109 5,000 5 Quantum Labs, 8 Research Labs
Spy Drone 6,000 120 6,000 6 Coomputer Labs, 7 Security
Cheesy Cereal 7,000 130 7,000 15 Cafeterias
Corpo Droid 8,000 150 8,000 10 Computer Labs, 7 Workshops
Multi-Dimension Tophat 8,500 155 8,500 6 Quantum Labs, 5 Test Labs
Nose Enhancer 9,000 170 9,000 6 Psych Labs, 7 Test Labs
Cyber Grill 9,500 180 9,500 8 Quantum Labs, 7 Workshops
Division Zero 10,000 190 10,000 15 Computer Labs, 20 Workshops
Profanity Filter for Phones 11,000 200 11,000 10 Computer Labs, 9 Security
Pill of Truth 12,000 220 12,000 10 Psych Labs, 9 Test Labs
Invisible Spycam 15,000 230 15,000 10 Computer Labs, 8 Quantum Labs
Cyber Hitting Machine 20,000 300 20,000 10 Marketing, 9 Quantum Labs
Xray Glasses 25,000 400 25,000 10 Research Labs, 10 Workshops
Zombie Servant 30,000 500 30,000 15 Psych Labs, 10 Test Labs

Flower Shop

Flower Shop Game.

Flower Shop is a floral business simulation game where you must swiftly serve customers floral arrangements.

  • Give each customer a list of your options.
  • Grab the flowers they wish to purchase and hand them to them.
  • Each time you use the last of a particular type of floral arrangement be sure to reorder immediately so you maintain one in stock for the next order of that floral arrangement type.
  • Collect their payment to complete the order.
  • Reach the daily customers served goal on each stage and play through all 10 levels.
  • As you advance through the game you automatically reinvest in growing your product line, making each level more complex as you have more options to sort through.

Flower Shop 2

Flower Shop 2 Game.

Flower Shop 2 is the sequel to Flower Shop.

Regular Game

  • Give each customer a list of your options.
  • Grab the flowers they wish to purchase and deliver them.
  • Collect their payment to complete the order.
  • Reach the daily customers served goal on each stage and play through all 10 levels.
  • As you advance through the game you automatically reinvest in growing your product line, making each level more complex as you have more options to sort through.

Match 3 in a Row Minigame

  • At the end of each stage there is a match 3 in a row game where you must remove at least 100 of a particular type of flower from the board. Remove flowers by making them a part of a match of 3 or more, by having a nearby explosion take them out, or by selecting to remove them with a wildcard.
  • Valid moves require you to make a match of at least 3 in a row as a consequence of that move. You can move pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Create super flowers by making matches of 4 in a row. When the super flowers are subsequently used they will blow up the containing row or column.
  • Make a match of 5 in a row to create a wildcard which allows you to discard all of a particular adjacent type of flower no matter where they are located on the stage.

Jewel Shop

Jewel Shop Game.

Jewel Shop is a simple jewelry store simulation game.

  • Give each customer showing a list of options they can purchase.
  • Look at their thought bubble to see which item they want and grab it quickly to serve them.
  • Bring the item to the customer and collect their payment to complete the order.
  • Each time you select a silver or gold item be sure to restock it immediately so you have some in stock for the next customer.
  • Gems take time to produce & you typically have to wait until after the customer orders them as each gem station can produce 2 types of gem but can only contain one gem at a time.
  • You can carry up to 2 items in your hands at a time.
  • Reach the level goal before the level timer reaches zero.
  • As you progress through the game you need to serve customers quicker & have a broader collection of options to choose from.
  • Play through 10 fun & challenging stages.

Chicken Clicker

Chicken Clicker Game.

Chicken Clicker is an idle clicker game where you tap to cause a rubber chicken to honk.

This game does not off a lot in the way of strategy, but shows the concept of a supply chain and the growth of a business from a home-made enterprise, to a funded startup, to owning a supply chain, having bank financing, building a warehouse, and listing on the stock market.

  • Tap your mouse left click button repeatedly to generate honks.
  • Use the honks you made to purchase honk establishments.
  • Repeatedly upgrade honk establishments to increase your earnings.
  • Unlock all 10 establishment types, purchase all 5 honk upgrades, and unlock all 8 honk achievements.

Software Development & Online Businesses

As Internet-connected businesses have grown to represent a larger share of the economy most businesses of the future will have an online component to them. These games help children learn basic concepts associated with computer programming and software testing.

Code Panda

Code Panda Game.

Code Panda is an introduction to programming where you provide the movement codes needed to help a panda reach delicious bamboo. Play through all 32 stages!

  • Look at the grid to see where the panda is, where the bamboo is, and any obstacles in between.
  • Drag movements from the left side into the chain to direct the panda to move in the correct direction.
  • Repeat the process until you have created the entire path, then click the red start button to execute your code.
  • As you advance through the game you unlock additional movement types.
  • Jump over bushes or any other tiles in any direction, placing your landing 2 or 3 squares from the quare you jumped.
  • Use the move repeat button to select how many times to move in a direction or in multiple directions as part of a single repeated move.

Idle Startup Tycoon

Idle Startup Tycoon Game.

Idle Startup Tycoon is an idle game where you build a startup incubator housing many different businesses.

  • Upgrade your programmers on each floor to make them work faster & more efficiently. Each business starts with 1 programmer. You get a second at level 25, a third at level 50, and a fourth at level 100.
  • Hire a manager for each business & upgrade their skill set to get more out of your employees. Your first upgrade for each manager is available after you reach level 25 inside that business.
  • Automate the server job tasks and upgrade the sales floor to process a higher volume of throughput.
  • Unlock new floors to build new startups with new lines of business. The bottom floor is the shared sales office. Other businesses include a food delivery app, mobile gaming, ridesharing app, livestreaming app, internet of things startup, infosec, drones, artificial intelligence, and suborbital space.
  • After playing for a while you can accept an investment in the business. Doing so restarts the game, but has you earn more faster on the subsequent playthrough.

Ben 10 Omnicode

Ben 10 Omnicode Game.

Ben 10 Omnicode is a logic video game where you create the code routine for Ben 10 to safely pass through a level.

  • Observe the move limits shown at the top of the screen.
  • Insert the first command you would like Ben 10 to do. If it is a forward movement you can insert how many times you would like him to move before executing the next command.
  • Enter the next command you would like Ben 10 to do. Options include turning, transforming to another character, jumping.
  • When you enter a command like changing characters or turning you then need to specific which character you would like to turn into and which direction you would like to turn.
  • Keep stacking together logic commands until you have completed the puzzle.
  • Click the RUN CODE button at the bottom of the screen to test your code.
  • If you make a mistake and can't complete the level with your existing code you can add, remove, change or re-order your commands then run the code again.
  • The bottom right corner of the game has an eye button which can be used to change game perspective.
  • The game gets more complex as you make progress. The first two worlds are unlocks by default, but you must complete each level in sequence to unlock the next. After you complete all 28 levels on the first world and all 12 levels on the second world the third world is unlocked.

Rubi's Coding Class

Rubi's Coding Class Game.

Rubi's Coding Class is a logic video game where you lay movement blocks on the level grid to help guide a robot to the end of the level before its battery runs out.

  • Observe the robot start direction at the bottom of the screen and the robot's power. The initial direction shows you the path upon which you should lay movement tiles to redirect the robot & the power value shows the maximum number of squares the robot can move.
  • Move the pieces from the lower right into the level.
  • When you have completed laying directional pieces click the green and white play button to run the routine.
  • As your code routine runs the robot will move and the code associated with the piece placements will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • If you make a mistake there are stop routine and retstart level buttons underneath the play routine button.
  • The lower left corner of the game has a tap button to bring up the level select screen if you would like to replay a level, but each of the 32 levels must be beaten in sequential order to unlock subsequent levels.

We Bare Bears Develobears

We Bare Bears Develobears Game.

We Bare Bears Develobears is a fun STEM game for kids which teaches them about the components which go into making a video game.

  • Piece together puzzles of an animated character.
  • Play as your character inside the video game.
  • Select tasks from the taskboard to keep working on game development.
  • Tasks include painting pictures, making a chiptune, creating custom pixel art which appears in the game, and adding other unlockable in game elements.
  • Select to play through various combinations of level design, music composition, and characters.
  • Repeatedly play the game and unlock new variations until you have completed building the game.
  • As you make game development progress your office background will upgrade to reflect your progress.

Web Tycoon Simulator

Web Tycoon Simulator Game.

Web Tycoon Simulator is an idle clicker game for young children where players click to earn income and upgrade various aspects of a web based business to earn money faster.

  • Click anywhere on the screen to generate income. As you click income amounts with a plus symbol are shown on the screen and your current savings are shown at the top of the screen.
  • Income is also passively generated when you do not click, though only at around 20 percent the rate.
  • Use your income to buy upgrades to your workstation, website, advertising strategy, private servers, merchandising, marketplace, and develop web domination.
  • Buttons for upgrades you can afford are in a brighter color and ones which are beyond your budget are a duller tone.
  • Each feature can be upgraded many times with the upgrade costs growing geometrically.
  • As you upgrade various aspects of your business your passive income generation will improve and your office background will gain more knick knacks.

Office Politics - Office Fights, Save the Boss & Endless Runner

How you navigate office politics is often as important as the company's approach to the broader market.

Folder Mayhem

Folder Mayhem Game.

Folder Mayhe, is a game which also serves as an internet safety PSA.

  • Press the orange DOWNLOAD button to start the game.
  • Left click on an incoming virus to clear it. Some viruses require multiple clicks to defeat.
  • Warning indicators show where viruses will appear. If a virus will come into the screen near your folder you can move your folder away before dealing with the virus.
  • Hold your mouse left click button over your folder and drag it away from incoming viruses.
  • Tap the close button on pop up ads in the upper right corner to close their windows and clear the screen.
  • As you last through waves you enable upgrades like system shock to stun click, increase your folder speed, or boost your hard drive size.
  • Play for as long as you can and see how long you can last and how many points you can score.

Office Wrestling Royale

Office Wrestling Royale Game.

Office Wrestling Royale is a clicker wrestling extravaganza themed after the WWE Royale Rumble.

  • Choose to wrestle as one of eight different characters: Brad The Money Maestro, Megan The Sales Rockstar, Rick The Money Magnet, Anne The Brand Warrior, Ashley The Tech Monkey, Bob The Hackerman, Amanda The Copy Cruncher, or Collin The Big Boss.
  • Move your mouse to move around the ring to avoid getting hit by enemies and to avoid them hitting you with a jump off the top rope.
  • Repeatedly click your mouse to attack nearby enemies.
  • Approach enemies which are kneeling down & click to pick them up and throw them over the top rope. Each enemy you throw over is worth 1 point & 3 coins.
  • Depending on how many enemies you defeat you will earn coins which can be spent upgrading your character attributes for each character.
  • You can upgrade your attack, health, berserk, speed, and defense. Each attribute can be updated 4 times with the initial cost starting at 75 to 100. The 3 features which start at 100 to upgrade the first time later cost 150, 250, and finally 400 to upgrade. The 2 features which start at 75 to upgrade the first time later cost 125, 200, and finally 300 to upgrade.
  • When you lose you can choose to upgrade your characters. Upgrades are saved between games, but are only applied to one wrestler. It makes sense to fully upgrade one wrestler & then use their income to upgrade other wrestlers.

Angry Boss

Angry Boss Game.

Angry Boss is a ragdoll office fight game.

While this game teaches little about running a business or finance, it can be used to help explain children about competition, office politics, office conflicts, teamwork, and healthy conflict resolution strategies.

  • Use the 50 coins you start the game with to buy a pencil.
  • Repeatedly throw pencils at the boss until his health goes to zero.
  • Use your in-game coin earnings to unlock other weapons.
  • Throw other items at the bad boss.
  • You can also pick the boss up and throw him across the screen.

Office Fight

Office Fight Game.

Office Fight is a throwing battle game set in an office environment.

  • Throw paper balls at coworkers, hitting them before they hit you.
  • Each enemy you defeat earns you money, which can be used to purchase upgrades.
  • Rulers cost $1,000, pencils cost $2,000, erasers cost $4,000, books cost $8,000 and computer monitors cost $10,000. Upgrades can be purchased in any order.
  • Periodically a boss arrives. Most opponents take a single hit to defeat, but you have to hit the boss many times to defeat him. The boss needs hit twice in each location and keeps repeating with a face that is more red each time he re-appears until you have defeated him.
  • Your health status bar is in the upper left corner of the game. Each time you get hit you lose health & each time you defeat an enemy you gain back a bit of your health.
  • Periodically a mouse runs down the center of the screen. Hitting it is worth 200 points.
  • Your savings and unlocked weapons carry over from game to game.

Office Hurdles

Office Hurdles Game.

Office Hurdles is an endless running game set in an office environment.

  • Tap the start button bottom center to play.
  • Left click to jump over wet spots on the floor.
  • You score points based on how far you run.
  • Time your jump perfectly to score 10 bonus points. Make multiple perfect jumps in a row and activate a score multiplier where the second jump is worth 20, the third is worth 30, and so on.
  • Bump into one hazard area and it is game over.
  • The lower left corner of the welcome screen has a character select button which allows you to change between playing as a boy or a girl.
  • The upper left corner of the welcome screen has a full screen mode button.
  • The upper right corner of the welcome screen has a sound control button.

Happy Boss Pull Pin

Happy Boss Pull Pin Game.

Happy Boss Pull Pin is a 100-stage pin pulling game.

  • Pull pins in the correct order to get the diamonds to reach the boss.
  • Golden pins can only be pulled once.
  • Silver pins on a rail can be moved back and forth.
  • Regular pink pins can be rotated back and forth.
  • The pink pins with indicator dots on it breaks when the timer reaches zero.
  • Ensure the boss avoids the hazards including the lava, arrows, and acid.
  • You can use the lava to destroy other hazards including bow and arrow.
  • When in position select the boss to have him move.
  • Collect all the diamonds to move onto the next level.
  • As you advance through the game additional features are added like portals you warp through.

Rescue Boss Cut Rope

Rescue Boss Cut Rope Game.

Rescue Boss Cut Rope is a physics puzzle game.

Cut the ropes in the correct order and with precise timing to allow your boss to safely make it to the ground while steering clear of hazards including poisons, fires, arrows, and explosives.

  • Cut ropes one at a time or cut multiple in rapid succession.
  • Time your cuts so you avoid hazards and have your momentum directing you safely toward the level exit.
  • Play through 30 different fun filled levels.
  • If your timing is off or you cut the ropes in the wrong order the boss gets it, but this game offers unlimited continues.

Whack The Cost

Whack The Cost Game.

Whack The Cost is a whack-a-mole inspired tapping game.

  • Hit all the unnneeded expenses without hitting your earnings.
  • You earn income each time you destroy unneeded expenses including: premature scaling, bad accounting, steak dinner, overhiring, unjustified R&D, lavish perks, corporate jet, and unnecessary debt.
  • Some items are destroyed with a single hit, while others require 2 or 3 hits to destroy.
  • Items which take more than 1 hit to destroy show cracks the first time they are hit, and are worth more points.
  • You start the game with 30 seconds.
  • You lose 3 seconds any time you hit a bag of cash.
  • In addition to cash you gain 3 seconds each time you destroy a corporate jet.

Environmental Games

The work environment is a subset of the natural environment. Most businesses rely on natural resources for some portion of their supply chains or distribution.

Wind and Solar

Wind and Solar Game.

Wind and Solar is a sustainable energy game where players adjust the placements of windmills and solar panels to maximize energy production.

  • Once you start the game it offers a chance to play through a tutorial stage if you wish.
  • Look at the wind lines on the screen and move the blades on the windmill up or down to catch the wind. If you are catching the wind the windmill blades will spin & if you are not they will stop.
  • Look at the clouds in the sky and their movement and move the solar cells left or right as needed to maximize sun exposure while minimizing the time spent under clouds. There are green and orange indicators at the bottom of the solar panel which indicate if you are capturing direct sunlight.
  • It helps to move either feature quickly and then focus on the other rather than repeatedly going back and forth between wind and solar with small adjustments again and again.
  • The upper left corner of the game has a timer which starts at 1:30.
  • Next to the timer there is a total energy meter and a scale with houses which shows how much energy you created.
  • The game has a pause button in the upper right corner.

Lumberjack Master

Lumberjack Master Game.

Lumberjack Master is a forestry game where you play as a kid who converts wood into currency.

You chop down various types of trees and then new trees grow again in the same fields.

  • Chop down trees.
  • Collect the wood from the trees.
  • Turn the wood in to earn income.
  • Use the income earned to purchase a better axe or chainsaw, increase your wood carrying capacity, boost your speed, and unlock additional forests with more valuable woods.
  • Repeat the process until you have maxed out all of your attributes.

Idle Forest

Idle Forest Game.

Idle Forest is a resource extraction game where you act as both a miner and lumberjack.

  • Repeatedly click on the tree icon to harvest wood.
  • Repeatedly click on the rock icon to mine for stone and periodically collect bonus coins.
  • Use your resources to upgrade your tools and build additional buildings to automate the extraction and processing of resources.
  • Each time you upgrade your tooling you will be able to harvest wood, stone, or both faster.
  • Eat spinach to increase your strenght.
  • Upgrade the lumberjack and the stone cutter building to increase your automated resource processing capacity.
  • Each time your buildings are upgraded you will earn additional resources faster.

Sort The Trash

Sort The Trash Game.

Sort The Trash is a recycling game where players move the recycling bin across the screen to collect recyclables while avoiding other garbage.

  • Drag the bin side to side to collect recycleables including bottles, cartons, and cans.
  • Drag from side to side to avoid collecting batteries, straws, plastic bags, and compost items like apples, eggs, bananas, or used paper coffee cups.
  • Avoid missing recycleables with your bin or else you will get a strike.
  • Similarly, if you collect a non-recyclable items you get a strike.
  • When you get 3 strikes it is game over.
  • As you advance through the game the items fall faster.
  • See how many recyclables you can collect before losing.

Twin The Bin

Twin The Bin Game.

Twin The Bin is a recycling game where players move the recycling bin across the screen to collect a specific type of recyclable.

  • Select to play as a boy or a girl character.
  • At the start of each round you are given instructions on what to collect. On each round you are instructed to collect plastic, glass, paper, or organic goods.
  • Garbage moves across the top of the screen on a conveyer belt, where 4 slides periodically push some of the garbage off platform so it falls below.
  • Move the bin from side to side while collecting the specific type of recyclable.
  • Avoid getting other objects in your recycling bin.
  • Every 45 seconds or so you get another wave, which has you collect a different type of garbage for recycling.
  • Each item you correctly collect is worth 20 points.
  • When you collect an item from the wrong category you lose 10 points.
  • Games last 3 minutes.

Other Fun Games

People who eat healthy tend to do better work and be sick from work less frequently. Health is wealth!

This section contains our food-themed games like a Banana Running and Happy Snake, and coin collecting games like Money Mike and Postman.

Banana Running

Banana Running Game.

Banana Running is an endless running game where you help a banana collect coins and more bananas.

  • Change lanes as needed and jump over or slide under obstacles. You can change lanes while jumping or sliding.
  • Unlock temporary invincibility mode by collecting 10 bananas. If you already have invincibility activated when you collect more bananas it will extend how long the invincibility lasts.
  • You have a blue protective shield while invincible and blink a couple times before it turns off.
  • While the first invincibility takes 10 bananas the second invincibility upgrade counter does not start until you have completed the first invincibility wave. So if you collect 3 more bananas while invincible you'll need to collect 10 more to activate the next at 23.
  • Collect coins along your journey and use them to purchase a skateboard, a segway, fireworks, and a hoverboard.
  • The skateboard costs 100 coins, the segway costs 200 coins, the fireworks cost 300 coins, and the hoverboard costs 400 coins.
  • Equip your upgrades and see how far you can go. Play until you have unlocked all upgrades.
  • Once you have purchased unlocks they remain unlocked throughout further plays.
  • Make it as far as you can before wiping out 3 times. You move faster the longer you play.

BBQ Roast

BBQ Roast Game.

BBQ Roast is a simple merge 3 game.

  • Move groups of like vegetables together into sets of 3 or more on a single stick to merge them into the next higher vegetable.
  • When you move vegetables it only moves the furthest out vegetable and any adjacent vegetable on the same stick which is of the same type.
  • Repeatedly merge vegetables until you reach the level goal.
  • After making 4 moves another set of vegetables is added to the end of each skewer.
  • The move before the vegetables are added the game shows which vegatable will be added to each stick. You can use the indicators to better align your existing vegetables with the incoming ones.
  • Each skewer can hold 6 vegetables. Do not let any of the vegetables reach past the end of the rack or you will lose the level.
  • Play through all 6 stages. On each stage you need to merge to a higher number goal, with a goal of 9 on the final stage.

Cooking Mahjong

Cooking Mahjong Game.

Cooking Mahjong is a recipe building game inspired by Mahjong Solitaire games.

  • Look at the top of the screen to see which recipes you must fulfill and how many of each you must make.
  • Select open stones which are part of the recipe. Rather than selecting identical matching stones you select the individual ingredients.
  • Each time you complete a recipe the required count goes down by one.
  • You can only use open stones to complete your recipes.
  • Open stones are tiles which have no stones directly above them and at least one of the left or right sides is free of other stones.
  • Open stones are denoted using a lighter background color, whereas stones that are not open have a darker background color.
  • Play through 25 stages, completing all recipes on each before the timer reaches zero.
  • When no valid open matches remain the remaining stones are automatically shuffled.
  • If you fail a stage you can retry it an unlimited number of times.

Hidden Food

Hidden Food Game.

Hidden Food is a hidden objects search game where you must find foods or kitchen appliances.

  • Look at the top of the game for the remaining level time, required items you must find, and how many of each item must be found.
  • Quickly click on the items as soon as you see them in the level below. Repeat the process until all items are found.
  • As you advance through the game it grows more difficult due to needing to find more types of items, more of each type of item, and the items on the board becoming more densely packed.
  • If you do not find an item for a period of time one of the remaining items you need to find will wiggle back and forth, making it easier to spot.
  • If you fail any of the levels you can replay it an unlimited number of times.

Merge Salad

Merge Salad Game.

Merge Salad is a match 3 game where players create healthy salads.

  • Place 3 identical ingredients in a row vertically or horizontally to slice & prepare that vegetable or fruit for the salad.
  • Repeat the process until all ingredients are prepared.
  • Once all individual ingredients have been prepared place the prepared ingredients in a single row or column to merge all of them into a salad.
  • Complete each stage before the timer reaches zero.
  • Play through all 10 levels to create 10 unique delicious salads.
  • If you fail a level hit the refresh button in your web browser and try it again.

Construction Worker Dance Revolution

Construction Worker Dance Revolution Game.

Construction Worker Dance Revolution is a tap timing dancing rhythm game.

  • Select to play one of three songs: Working Hard, Clock Out, or Safety First.
  • Tap the correct direction arrow key when the falling arrows are inside the indicator bubble.
  • Each correctly timed tap is worth 20 points.
  • Boost your score by making a long streak of consecutive correctly timed arrow hits.
  • Each additional correct hit boosts your score for the next hit by 20 points.
  • The construction worker automatically dances along with the music.
  • You start each dance with 5 heart containers. Each time you press the wrong direction or mistime the press you lose a heart. Lose all 5 hearts and it is game over.

Money Mike

Money Mike Game.

Money Mike is a retro platformer where players collect coins and make it to the exit flag.

  • Each of the 26 stages has an exit flag you must locate and reach.
  • The exit flag starts off red. To turn the exit flag green you must collect all the coins on each stage to where the coin counter in the upper left reaches zero.
  • Levels are not timed, though there are many hazards you must avoid, including: spiked balls on swings, fixed spikes, circular saw blades, and the cannonballs fired from cannons.
  • Collect all the coins on each stage and safely make it to the exit to unlock the next stage.
  • If you hit any of the obstacles you die. The game allows you to try each level again an unlimited number of times, but you have to collect all the coins again.

Happy Snake

Happy Snake Game.

Happy Snake is a modern twist on the arcade classic. Choose to play the level-based game or play in arcade mode.

Arcade Mode

  • In arcade mode you collect fruits until you run into spikes, run into your tail, or move off screen.
  • Each fruit you collect in arcade mode is worth a point.


  • In level mode you collect a series of coins. After each coin set is complete a fruit appears in a random location on the screen. Collect the fruit and the next coin set appears.
  • The bottom left shows how many coins you must collect to make the next fruit appear.
  • The upper left shows how many fruits you have left to collect to beat the current stage.
  • The level-based game has 30 stages which you can play through.
  • If you lose any stage you can replay it again until you beat it.


Postman Game.

Postman is a basic evade and collect game.

  • As you play packages fall down from the top of the screen. Avoid getting hit in the head by any falling packages.
  • After packages fall you can stand on them and use them as platforms to jump off of.
  • Packages eventually disappear, with anything above them falling downward a square. Packages become translucent for a period of time before disappearing.
  • Coins show up in random locations around the screen, though they disappear if you do not collect them quickly.
  • Collect as many coins as you can without getting hit by a falling package.
  • Play for as long as you can and see how many coins you can collect.