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See How Much Your Annual Employee Stock Option Grants Increase Your Pay

Yearly Employee Stock Option Grants Value Estimator

Many leading companies use annual stock option grants to help attract talent & incentivize employees to perform ath their best. This calculator helps an employee estimate the value of options accrued over the course of multiple years.

The following calculator enables workers to see what their stock options are likely to be valued at for a range of potential price changes. Enter the current stock price of your company, the strike price of the options, the number of options you are entitled to, the number of years you are obtaining stock options for & an anticipated growth rate in the value of your company.

After you have completed your calculation click on [View Report] to see how your options change in value over time & then click on the [Print] button if you would like to print your results.

The following calculator is for recurring stock option grant issuance. If you received one-time stock options please use this calculator instead.

Safely Compound Your Savings

Employee stock options can offer explosive returns, but not without risk. If the company goes under then the options can expire worthless. It is vital to store some savings outside of your employer's stock, as the last time you want your savings to go to zero is right around the time you lose your job.

The following table lists currently available rates for savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs.


Predicting The Stock Market.

Understanding Your Stock Option Benefits

The following table shows an example of how much stock option values would be at various growth levels for an employee who annually obtained 1,000 stock option grants at a strike price matching the current company share price of $100 per share over the course of 15 years. The following table uses a hypothetical 8% annual rate of growth for shareholders.

End of Year Stock Price Number of Options Value of Options
1 $108 1,000 $8,000
2 $117 2,000 $25,280
3 $126 3,000 $53,274
4 $136 4,000 $93,584
5 $147 5,000 $148,004
6 $159 6,000 $218,532
7 $171 7,000 $307,397
8 $185 8,000 $417,081
9 $200 9,000 $550,348
10 $216 10,000 $710,269
11 $233 11,000 $900,254
12 $252 12,000 $1,124,091
13 $272 13,000 $1,385,981
14 $294 14,000 $1,690,579
15 $317 15,000 $2,043,042