Calculate Interest Due on a Judgment Along With Amortizing Payments

Court Ordered Legal Judgement Payoff Calculator

Have you won or lost a court judgment recently? If so, this calculator will help you to estimate the interest due on a court awarded judgment.

This calculator also offers a number of advanced options.

  • Partial Payments: If partial payments have already been made for some period of time you can enter the average payment amount of those payments and the number of payments which have already been made. If one lump sum payment was made then enter the amount in the average payment field and enter 1 in the number of payments.
  • Payments Due Over Time: There is also an option to set a repayment term, which will then calculate the associated monthly payments needed to satisfy the judgment over that loan term in years. If the balance will be paid in full at once enter zero in the years left to repay field.
Description Amount
Judgment Amount:
Judgment date [Month] [Day] [Year]:
Annual Interest Rate (APR %):
Number of Payments Already Made:
Average Amount of Each Payment Made:
Years Left to Repay Judgment:

Historical Interest

Daily Interest Earned:
Days Since Judgment:

Amount Currently Owed

Total Accumulated Interest:
Judgment Value With Past Interest:
Amount Already Paid:
Amount Currently Due After Above Payments:

Repaying The Judgment

Months to Repay Judgment:
Monthly Payment:
Future Interest to be Paid Over Payment Period:

Total Details

Overall Interest Earned (Including Future Interest):
Sum of Future Payments:
Total of Past & Future Payments:

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