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Family Planning.

Expenses are a fact of life. While you cannot escape paying bills and purchasing items to support your family, you can plan for these expenses. Utilize calculator tools to estimate expenses, which can help you plan for them. From raising children to maintaining a car to estimating your mortgage, expenses seem more manageable when you use a calculator to plan for them. With careful planning, you may be able to make your income stretch further.

Children, Daycare, and Homeschooling

Raising children requires significant expenditures. Plan for these expenses by using calculator tools that will help you estimate the money you will need to spend. If you place your children in daycare, you may want to estimate this expense. Some families wish to explore their options, comparing the expenses involved with childcare with having one parent stay home to care for children. Families who homeschool children can also project expenses involved with this choice of education style.

Groceries, Utilities, and Automobiles

It may help to allocate a specific percentage of your income for expenses. For example, you might wish to spend no more than 18 percent of your income on food. Your utility expenses can combine with other housing expenses to be less than 40 percent of your income. A goal for automobile and transportation expenses may be to keep these costs at no more than 10 percent of your total income.

Home Affordability, Mortgages, and Repairs

Owning a home is a common goal for many consumers. Before proceeding with a mortgage, it's prudent to determine how much you can afford in a house payment. Your total housing expenses include your mortgage or rent payment, homeowner's or rental insurance, and utilities such as heat and electricity. You may also wish to perform home renovations to make improvements to your home. Before proceeding with a home improvement project, utilize a calculator to estimate the costs involved.

Health and Wellness

Maintaining your health and paying for health care is an integral part of life. Staying healthy often necessitates ongoing health care from physicians and other health professionals. Health insurance can make this care possible, but you will need to add this expense into your budget. Estimate health insurance and other expenses using calculating tools.

Vacations, Sports, and Recreation

Recreation is an important part of family activities. Plan expenses involved with recreation and sports, including vacations and trips. You might set aside a specific amount to save each month to pay for a planned vacation. Use calculator tools to estimate the cost of trips and travel. Some calculators help you devise a savings plan to pay for a vacation.

Long-Term Planning

Long-term planning is also an important part of financial management. When you have children, you may wish to start a college fund to save for their advanced education. Savings calculators can help you estimate how a savings plan will grow with regular deposits. You can also plan for retirement using various calculating tools. Some tools help you determine how much you should save based on the amount of money you will need. Other tools help you estimate how your retirement savings will grow depending on how you invest your money.